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Greenway Ventures Inc. and SoBIG have established a collaboration agreement to launch, in the US, an innovative nanotechnology from Europe.

This technology improves the mechanical, chemical, electrical and dynamic performance of ships, aircraft, buses, trucks, cars, trains and utility networks and has been proven to:
• reduce combustion engine fuel consumption by up to 10%, and
• reduce related air emissions (CO2, NO, NOx, Soot) as much 30%

The technology is based on decades of proven science integrated with a manufactured nanotechnology solid state matrix.

The true innovation is that the technology is non-invasive and non-intrusive and can be readily installed / attached to the exterior of a combustion engine and does not disrupt in any way the normal operation of the equipment.

We are in the early stages of product verification and establishing a sales and marketing strategy and distribution channels for rapid deployment in the US.

We have access to an extensive network of engine OEMs, utilities and the Department of Defense as well as contact with Fortune 500 companies whose fleet’s engines will benefit from application of this nanotechnology.

Subject to manufacturer specifications we anticipate an introductory launch of this product in the US during the second quarter of 2010.

We are truly excited to bring this revolutionary product to the US which not only reduces fuel consumption and saves our clients money but also has a substantial beneficial environmental impact by reducing air emissions.

Greenway Ventures Inc. is owned by Dennis Wielech a life-long entrepreneur and technology pioneer. Among his many accomplishments Mr. Wielech co-founded International Mobile Machines Corp. (1972) that became a public company in 1981 and subsequently changed its name to InterDigital Communications Corporation (NASDAQ – IDCC) in 1992. Today InterDigital, Inc. possesses a portfolio of 3,000 issued and over 9,000 patents pending. For over 35 years, InterDigital has invented and developed advanced digital wireless technologies.

These inventions—used in every digital mobile phone today— helped shape the wireless industry. Today, InterDigital remains at the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology through ongoing research and development, contributing to the standards bodies, licensing its patented inventions to leading brands, and offering high-performance technologies and products.

IDCC’s current market capitalization (2010) is approximately $1.3 billion.

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