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One of the best methods to raise capital for qualified companies is to do so as a public company particularly in today’s market place.

SoBig through our affiliate ACH, can accomplish the going public transaction or alternative public offering by completing a reverse merger of the private company into one of ACH’s public companies, and completing a simultaneous private placement for the public entity, also called a PIPE financing. The primary benefit in going public is to create opportunities for growth by raising capital and acquiring other companies.

Two methods of becoming a public company are to complete an Initial Public Offering (IPO) which can take 12 to 18 months to complete or utilize an existing public company, which can be completed in considerably less time.

A reverse merger occurs when a public entity acquires all of the stock of a private company in exchange for shares of the public entity. Then the newly merged company takes on the name of the private company, installs the private company’s directors and officers, and files with the appropriate regulatory authorities. This transaction and change of control completes the reverse merger, transforming the formerly private company into a publicly traded company.

Benefits to becoming public through a reverse merger include: